Following up on the other side of it all

Over the past two years, there was a urgency I put on myself to explain why I wasn’t going to church. I needed my own answers, to keep them in my pocket and refer to. For a while, pulling away from a community I was brought up in felt like a solo thing. But now I know it’s not unique, I’m not in trouble, and I think I’ve grown a lot quieter because I found some of my people, large pockets of the internet where everyone is angry about the same stuff I am and has the same hangups from youth group that I do. In realizing my story isn’t isolated, I’ve found a lot of peace.

Updated curly hair opinions

I wrote about hair in October 2015. I’ve switched up my routine a bit since then, so here’s a whole new wave of insanity hot off the press.

I am alive and pretending to be vegan

Hi all. Oh, things are good now. They’re so good. The story is uncomplicated and goes like this: Brooklyn wasn’t the right place for me. I missed Anthony and mountains and having a car and Liz and Maddie and Deb and everyone dear to me in NC. I was anxious and unhealthy despite good roommates….


I have accepted a job offer in New York. My first day is Sept. 5. I have figured out a sublet situation in Ditmas Park for my first month there. My last full day in Greensboro is the 31st. I have not been in Jersey or New York since I left two years ago. As you…


Like trying to get hair off your fingers in the shower. Trying to wash it off but it clings to you. This is the depression, and it is here again, from the chaos of this spring, of 5-hour nights of sleep with writing and writing and writing and in between wondering about God and gay friends…

Dear family of God: A letter from your queer daughter

This guest post from a friend is published anonymously to protect the author. I encouraged them to write these words after hearing the story below. They have given me this post as a gift, and I give them to you. Dear Family of God, I am not someone else’s daughter. I am your queer daughter….

Cooking solo: Lunch for a week on $13.50

If you are currently a household of one, cooking healthy can be a nightmare. Food and produce spoils quickly when you’re the only one eating it, and fixing the same thing over and over can be monotonous. Cooking meat can be a gamble, but eating vegetarian usually leaves you hungry still. WHAT’S A SINGLE HUNGRY…

Long weekend reads: USA

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and though I as a remote laptop lady with squishy hours and journalist deadlines don’t get the same experience many of my Instagramming peers seem to have, I have found an extra few minutes to gather some good reads from my Twitter likes and bookmarks worth sharing for all friends on…

How to run away

I am now a professional. I have an Airbnb short list of North Carolinian cheapo runaway spots (ask me if you want access to this treasure trove!) and at last, broke away from my wall of invented panic to exist. So I spent 24 hours away. Driving down windy country roads, listening to Stevie Wonder,…