Little teaser for the short story I’m writing this fall. Already cranked out a few more pages today. Most of this book will be my morning commute angsty thoughts that I typed on my phone. Here’s one of them!

It’s like I’ve crossed over from where everything is possible – I could travel Europe, I could be president like my mom told me I could, I could do anything at all, like write a book, go to the moon, swim with dolphins, start all over again as many times as I want – that feeling when you graduate from high school and you feel like you could conquer the whole world because you have a debit card and you can drive, you could drive to Alaska if you wanted to, and nobody could stop you? That’s what I thought being an adult would feel like. Powerful. And to go from that to where everything’s locked in and done; this will be my career path, this will be my family, and I’ll have some kids and move a few times and then everything’s over, you know? It’s scary to think that all the possibility is over and all the choices have been made for me.

Thank goodness for a God who makes all things new. I’ll write about all the new things in my life when I have words for it. Until then, have a lovely weekend!

xoxo Jo


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