Some Saturday links

Hello friends. Linking you up this morning to all the things on the internet I’ve loved lately. 

Food first: I’ve made this vegan curry two weeks in a row now. It makes quite a bit, so if you’re eating just for one, it’ll last you a week of lunches. (Spice-lovers like me will need extra unorthodox squirts of Sriracha.)

Who knew Finnish people were so good at being a little more peaceful? I want to adopt some of these cultural principles in my life to slow down.

Some lush, poignant writing from The Curator on the concept of home within houses peppered with a lot of great literary references.

I wish I had been in Jean and Hannah’s driver’s ed class.

Pro tips on how to survive another tiresome awards ceremony as a celebrated poet. (Note especially Step Six: “When receiving your prize, regard it as an icon of hollowness, the apex of nihilism.”)

Use your words. They’re more powerful than you will ever know.

Mallory Ortberg on how everything changes when you finally start wearing the right bra size. (Also hilarious: medieval monks invent dinner parties.)

Having recently started a job at a marketing agency, I find myself chuckling at how true these bogus posters are.

On dying well. A movement that could be really culturally valuable for a world avoiding its mortality at all costs.

Meet my new favorite person, Sister Wendy.

Sustainable business is so punk rock. This is twentysomething-aged social change done right: running toward the broken system, instead of away from it. And if anyone’s backpacking through India and wants to let me be a CEO, give me a call.

Speaking of which: I’ll plug this great company that uses sustainable business principles to eradicate gender inequality and poverty through conditioner (obviously), which my hair’s been loving.

Last but not least: enjoy my winter funk antidote playlist powering me through the nippiest part of a Carolina winter. Not even embarrassed that Nick Jonas is on this.

Happy Saturday!

xo Jo

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