Rest in peace, Gray-gray. 

2013-05-26 20.24.49



After almost 5 years of his delightful friendship, Grayson is now at rest. I will miss him, his somehow deeply personal staring contests, and his company. I could have never known at the Grove City Agway the fall of sophomore year that I was going to take this little creature to different places across the country and find comforting presence in his weird habits and dependable quirkiness.

All who knew him will remember him for his resilience from when I once tried to pour him into a Coke bottle or that time it took me 5 tries to pick him up off of my dorm’s carpet (sorry buddy), and for his personality that was more insightful and intuitive than we will all ever know. Beta fishes only live to be about 2 years old, so I am very thankful for double the companionship I bargained for. He will be dearly missed.




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