18 things I suppose I took to my car at one point and then left there until yesterday: An Inventory

How did all of this get in here?

  1. Plastic bags (2) with Tupperware full of sandwich crust;
  2. Every jacket and scarf I own, taken off on commute home and tossed into back seat;
  3. Travel-sized flask of anointing oil;
  4. Tim Keller’s book on prayer in an American Girl store bag;
  5. A French press and 5 loose bags of microwave oatmeal;
  6. BarlowGirl: Another Journal Entry, Extended Edition;
  7. Most of a Stevie Nicks costume, coated in fine sheen of gold glitter hair spray;
  8. Annie Dillard’s book on writing;
  9. A sweater I do not own;
  10. Approximately 17 wadded Chick-Fil-A napkins with blotted lipstick outline;
  11. Hiking sneakers;
  12. 4 travel mugs with a half-inch of dehydrated coffee;
  13. 2 books of sheet music for piano (Debussy, Rachmaninoff);
  14. Bottle of congealed hand sanitizer;
  15. 3 large cardboard boxes;
  16. A scarf I do not own;
  17. A fork;
  18. 1 crushed peanut butter M&M.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. maddsters says:

    I hope that one poor little M&M did not go to waste.


  2. Erienne says:

    Sounds just like my car. I keep my house decently clean, but my car is a disaster.


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