2015 gift guide

Ethical gift list

One of my favorite “UGH I want to BE you” blogs — Cup of Jo, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that sentiment — puts out a gift list roundup every year. She is so cool and ugh just adopt me already that I inevitably end up shopping from her lists for people I love. So I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon, but give my list a twist: gifts that generally support good businesses or causes, generally making the world a better place than a worse one! Enjoy…


For your awesome mom who sings opera and loves your friends better than you do

Mary Tyler Moore: A Celebration DVD - shopPBS.org

An exquisite and funky ring, and a DVD collection of the first leading lady to make her laugh.


For your little brother who’s way, way cooler than you


A bespoke bow tie for going out, and a turntable for staying in.


For your quirky friend who dances along to grocery store music and uses the word “adulting”

A helpful gizmo for her bike commute, and a tote for making errand statements.


For your dad who frustratingly buys everything he needs a week before Christmas


An album as witty as he is, and a mug of his favorite PBS character to pay homage to.


For your little cousin who just learned about punching and loves monsters

A lovely animated Irish folk tale, and a forest friend from Emergolde to go on adventures with.


For your unstoppable friend who speaks three languages and has four “side hustles”

A nerdy book about brand identity design, and chi-chi bath salts so she can slow down for once.


For whoever on your list has you completely and helplessly stumped

Bamboo and hemp earbuds for tuning out in style, and the original “stumped” gift: a stopper with a bottle of your favorite wine.


What else is on your shopping list that you’re willing to share? Have a go-to gift for co-workers or family? Please share. We’re all desperate for ideas here…


xoxo Jo


One Comment Add yours

  1. Erienne says:

    Haha… we must have been thinking on the same wave length today. 🙂 Love your list!


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