Hi there!

I’m a Brooklyn-based writer with three years of experience producing content and sharpening strategy for nonprofits and marketing agencies. I currently write for and help manage digital marketing for St. Nicks Alliance, and am taking a course on front-end development on the side.

Five years from now, I want to be the communications director for a company like Everlane or an organization like Demos (and also know Javascript and Ruby). I dream of writing for The Atlantic or New Republic someday.

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St. Nicks Alliance

Organizational website redesign

Newspaper website redesign

Verizon Wireless

Telling a story, 140 characters at a time

How apps are helping kids and families cope with cancer

Mental health goes mobile

Hey, smartphone: Find me a new band

Encouraging others to heal with music

Verizon FiOS

TV frenemies we can’t help but watch

Do you have the brains you need to survive a zombiepocalypse?


4 Ways to Make Fun Content in “Boring” Industries

Pace Communications

How to Make The Most Out of Content Creation and Curation

Triad City Beat

Cover feature: Wrongs of passage: Theater as foster-care catharsis

Election coverage: Guilford primaries for school board and state House upset status quo

City council coverage: City poised to sell human-services building to Kotis

Local news: Spark Fund pitches range from dance pop-ups to Ferris wheel

Cultural profile: One dancer’s migration and homecoming

Food review: Green Joe’s delivers dose of coffee geekery

Obituary: Stephen Gee remembered

Op-ed: The Unsolicited Endorsement: Letting them wear jeggings

Humor: 5 Triad Tinder guys I’ve swiped left on


Soundbites: Banishing the Vilification of Poverty

Field Notes: Impact Investing News


5 Things I Would Tell My 17-Year-Old Self About My Depression

Hope For New York

Meet Awesome Volunteer Mentor May Tang

Control Literary Magazine


Interested in having me write for your business or organization?
I’d love to speak with you. Reach me via the email listed on my resume.

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